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This men's bracelet collection was inspired by one of my original beaded bracelet designs.  A customer of mine commissioned some bracelets to wear with the Authentic Arts bracelet he'd purchased years ago and we were both so happy with how the bracelets looked layered together that I did the same for all the best selling pieces from my original collection. 

All of the bracelets in this collection feature the same durable construction as my original collections thanks to the stainless steel cord and clasps.  Due to the nature of some of the beads used, it is not recommended that you get this bracelet wet.  Wooden beads will swell and the bracelet will become stiff.

Perfect for a musician, this unique bracelet will look great under the spotlights when he's strumming on that bass.

I make these men's bracelets to order in custom sizes (at 1/2 inch increments.)  8.5" is standard (see "More Information" below for sizing info.) Leave me a note at checkout and I'll make your best fit come true! 

* Designed and made by me.
* 5 year Guarantee against cord and clasp breakage.
* Stainless Steel lobster clasp (for secure clasping!)
* Strung on thick, vinyl coated, stainless steel braided wire. (tough wearing!)
* Ready to ship
* Not waterproof: My work is built to last, but the natural beads I make this jewelry out of are water and chemical sensitive. Especially true for wooden beads!

Beaded necklaces and bracelets tend to wear tighter than chain or cord jewelry because of their thickness. Use this sizing guide to find your perfect necklace length for my Surfer Jewelry and Designer Jewelry mens necklace lines.

18" - This is choker length. A beaded necklace at this length will lay just above an average man's collarbone.

20" - This is the standard men's necklace length and the most popular size in my online shop. A 20" necklace will lay just below the collarbone on most men and just above the neckline of a crew-neck shirt.

22" - This will lay just below the collar of a man's crew-neck shirt and just above the collar of a v-neck shirt.

24" - This is a longer size that falls to the middle of the sternum on most men. It's more commonly worn with pendant necklaces, but also looks great layered with other necklaces for that confident rock star look.

How To Measure For Necklace or Bracelet Size:

When measuring a man's neck or wrist for the perfect beaded necklace or bracelet fit, it's best to use something thicker (8-9mm) like an extension cord to find the best length. If you use a length of string or a tape measure, the finished piece of beaded jewelry will be too short.

Already Know Your Collar Size?

A good guess for a men's necklace that lays just above the collar bone (where the 18" necklace is in the above model picture) is to add 2" to your collar size. For a necklace that lays just below the collar bone, add 4" to your collar size and etc.

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